ARE YOU deeply concerned that all of our children and many Adults need more Empathy Skills to navigate the world they are living in today?  With a bit of tweaking, Green Circle is a program/process for today’s children and their adult facilitators.  Green Circle helps create a climate of empathy and kindness in the classroom as well as on the playground. GC also provides a new language of kindness and inclusion.

Green Circle was developed by Gladys Rawlings, Black American and a dedicated public school teacher and civil rights activists that was touched by the hardening of the hearts of the children and parents involved in the Philadelphia school communities facing the racial integration busing policies of the school district in 1951. She developed GREEN CIRCLE to assist School Communities to directly face the emotional issues facing surrounding change and integration of our schools and neighborhoods.  In the late 1970’s The National Conference of Communities (Known then as the National Conference of Christian Jews) and Girl Scouts pick it up nationally.  The Western, Eastern and Southern Regions of the United States were particularly involved in training parents, grandparents, teachers, high school students and other volunteers to facilitate the sessions. The California PTA helped fund and support the program as well as Marin, and San Jose school districts; Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Monica, and Upland school Districts picked up Green Circle as well as some Nevada schools and local Girl Scouts and Boy Scout troops.  The needs of schools were assessed locally and local volunteers were trained in usually an all day session and then later supported with NCCJ adult/youth facilitators.

The following is a list of concepts that are introduced in,  Four 1/2 hour flannel board/story presentations to a group of children by a trained parent or volunteer.

Session I:__The Green Circle represents “your world of people–the people you care about”__ The Circle is Green to represent, “life, growth, and expansion”.__ The Circle must grow to include family and friends. (Feelings are complicated, and matter)__ It feels good to be inside the Green Circle…..__It feels bad to be outside the Green Circle caring.__ People who are outside the Green Circle feel the same as you did when you were on the outside. __You must take positive action in order to include someone in your circle.__ Each person is unique, but we all share common needs.

Session II__ People can be both rich and poor and be in the Green Circle.__ People of all different sizes and shapes can be in the Green Circle.__ People of all colors can be in the Green Circle.__ People of all religions can be in the Green Circle.__ People of different ages, and genders can be in the Green Circle.__ All people belong to the human family.__ Our Circle grows when our hearts are compassionate and loving.__ Each person must decide for themselves who will be in their Green    Circle.__ Other people influence you in your decisions and your relationships.__ You can know how it feels when someone else is left out.

Session III:  Surprise Packages Activity.  Storytelling:  The Story of Churkendoose.  Ends with a Churkendoose poem.

Session IV:  Class Problem Solving: 

1._State the Problem 2.__Brainstorm the solutions  3.__Talk about the solutions 4.__Choose a Solution  5.__Test it out.  Evaluate the Solution.  Did it work? (We expect that there will always be differences among people so how do we solve them?  (On-going activities are provided for the Teachers or Volunteers.  Green Circle Kits include a Script in Spanish or English;   Preschool, Second Grade, Fifth grade:  A portable Felt Board in a bag; Felt Circles; Felt people in different colors, sizes, shape, gender and skill ability. Animals.